New generation management
aims at detailed, complex and
global approach to society development

Leading European economists have long recognized that a result of changes in recent decades has greatly increased the role of the region to create conditions for economic growth in the country. Therefore, the power should stimulate the community, support local and regional initiatives, create and implement economic development programs as well as provide a favorable legal framework. 

Despite the official rate of our country's economic and social development of regions - today both the "central government - Regional government" do not work effectively for the benefit of the  community and inhabitants of the regions, which in turn is a global population of Ukraine. We have the regular conclusion:
The future of our country today, in a much greater extent than before, depends on most of its inhabitants and the local elite.

Non-government organizations whose activities are not aimed at increasing profits, but meeting custom needs of the community, initiate real reforms at the local level that will lead to a result of
becoming self-sufficient rich communities, play a special role in this.

The creation of the NGO "New Generation Management" is the logical result of a public endeavours, which seeks reforms, changes and innovations.
The organization was registered in June, 17, 2009.
It is located in Dobromyl, Stary Sambir district, Lviv region. Active members of the organization also represent it in Kyiv and Lviv.

Aim: uniting the community for enforcement its rights (social, economic and cultural).

- to contribute to the development and support of the education, economic growth and culture;
- to help the formation of young minds and understanding of their purpose in their community, region, Ukraine, and the world as a whole;
- to promote the development of integration processes in the region, and to demonstrate our support for the European development course of Ukraine as a whole.

- organizing educational, cultural, sport, integration and other important projects and activities for children, pupils, students, adult citizens and adults together with public authorities, individuals, legal persons, educational institutions and other accredited institutions;
- establishing relations with other institutions, including international ones, to organize joint activities, grant programs and exchanges;
- comprehensive support for young people in the Staryy Sambir District;
- facilitating easier access for school children and university students to world information sources, participation in national, international and grant programs, participation in student activities, youth and other organizations;
- to provide social support needy families, disableds, retirees, orphans, half-orphans in the local community of the Staryy Sambir district;
- maintainig relations with natives of Staryy Sambir district.